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ration of the moon will also deepen our understanding▓ of Earth and ourselves."Please scan the QR Code to follow us on InstagramPlease

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scan the QR Code to follow us on WechatBamboo fills pand▓as' stomachs and farmers' wallets in S▓W ChinaBamboo fills pandas' stomachs and ▓farmers' wa

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llets in SW ChinaBamboo fills pandas' stomachs and farmers' wallets in SW China04-26-2▓018 09:52 BJTKnown as the preferred diet

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of the giant panda, bamboo is now sprouting as an important▓ plant to help the impoverished shake off poverty in southwest China


  • na's space indust▓ry.Nearly 50 years have passed since people first stood on the moon. Can we return? How will radiation on the moon affect astrona
  • uts? How mu▓ch water is there?Scientists from China, Germany and Sweden ▓hope to find the answers through Chang'e-4, and make preparations for peo
  • ple to return to the moon.Professor Robert Wimmer-Schweingruber, of the Institute of Experimental and Applied Physics of Kiel University
  • in Germany, s▓aid that preparing for future human explorati▓on of the moon was an excellent idea."If astronauts come back to Earth, the radiation ▓on
  • the moon is the only danger that▓ remains in their body. So we need to unde▓rstand that," he said.Johan Koehler, head of Solar Sy▓stem Scie
  • nce and Space Situational Aw▓areness, Swedish National Space Agency, said exploration of the far side of the moon was a great achievement by Ch


  • in▓a. "We are very happy to be a part of it.""There is a theor▓y that water on the surface of the moon is formed by the interaction of solar wind with
  • the surface regolith. So this is something tha▓t Swedish scientists together with Chinese scientists want to answer," said Koehler.The Chang'e-4 mis
  • sion, including the probe, the relay satellite Queqiao and a micro satellite orbiting the moon,▓ is equipped with four payloads developed through i▓nternational cooperation, providing more opportunities to t▓he worl
  • d's scientists and combining human expertise in space exploration."I think one▓ of the beauties of space science is that we do coo▓perate internationally.
  • Space science to me is something impo
  • rtant, also as a message of peace wo▓rldwide,"


.Fang Yongqi dropped out of school when he was 14 because his family couldn't afford tuition fees. He h▓ad to learn to carve bamboo roots to make a living. Alt▓hough surrounded by bamb

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bamboo forests, Fang can now earned more than▓ one million yuan (158,000 U.S. dollars) by selling his bam

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boo work every year.In Baijie Town, villagers cultivate bamboo fungus, or crinoline stinkhorn, a delicacy in some Asian countries, which grows in well-rotted bamboo.Lo▓ng Chaogui, 49, once a migrant worker, decided to stay in the village and develop his own ba▓mboo business.In the eyes of Long, bamboo is the "golden key" to change his hard life. He sold bam▓boo and bamboo shoots at first, and finally g▓rew bamboo fungus, which brought him more than 400,000 yuan last year. Long is now planning to ex▓pand his business this year.Since there is a high demand for this kind of mushroom, other ▓villagers have followed suit to dev▓elop bamboo-related business.The bamboo have also attracted businesses to Sichuan. Bamboo has been developed as a raw material to produce paper, charcoal, wine and fiber products. Those products increas▓e employment and incomes for local residents."With th▓e largest area of bamboo forests of any province, the ba▓mboo industry has become a pillar indus▓try in some regions of Sichuan. Total o▓utput has reached one billion yuan," sai▓d Ma Ping, an official with the provinc▓ial forestry department.There are more than 1.16 million hectares of commercial bamboo plantations in the province, which is▓ also the habitat of nearly 1,800 giant pandas.Ch▓en Yingjun, a farmer in Wolong Town in southwest China's▓ Sichuan Province, used to grow potato and corn, but his life has greatly improved since he star▓ted to grow bamboo for giant pandas.Chen signed an agreement with the local government to gr▓ow bamboo on his farm for giant pandas.He successf▓ully got rid of poverty, while other farmers from mor▓e than 3,000 households in this town have also joined the government-led project. More impoverished people are expected to be lifted out of poverty in the coming years.Please scan the QR Code to follow us on InstagramPlease scan the QR Code to follow us on WechatGe▓rman cuisine: It's no

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pork and sausagesGerman cuis▓ine: It's not just pork and

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sausages04-02-2018 11:06 BJTA man who has taught Chinese how to appreciate bread puts more food on the table"Marri

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Kitchen, a restaurant in Beijing that offers rustic and European fare ▓that is usually hard to find in these parts.Bodensee Kitchen▓ is in Lucky Street

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face of the moon ."Exploring the fa r side of the moon is one contribu▓tion China is making to the wo rld. Although we still don't kno w what we m▓ight find , this explora tion might influence s ev▓eral generatio ns," said Shen Zhenrong, a▓ designer of the lunar rover.Wu Weiren said: "▓Exploring th e unknown is h uman nature. The moon is a mysterious worl d to us. We have a 即墨市wap 阿城市5G 东平县wap 湖州市5G 新兴县wap 大港区5G 普定县wap 壤塘县wap 辽阳市5G 盘锦市5G 寻甸回族自治县5G 辛集市wap 平顶山市5G 松原市5G 舒城县5G 沽源县wap 崇明县浦东新区wap 长沙市wap 介休市5G 莒南县5G w7传奇私服单机架设 传奇私服多倍攻击外挂 传奇私服神器版本 最新开传奇私服发布 自己怎么开传奇私服 复古传奇私服发布网 传奇私服新开1区 斩千军传奇私服 1.76热血传奇私服客户端 传奇私服怎么开服务器